Authenics Personal Training

  • Correct All Muscular Imbalance

  • Increase Mobility & Reduce Muscular Tension

  • Gain Lean Functional Muscle

  • Improve Movement Patterns & Be Pain Free

  • Strengthen Joints & Connective Tissues

  • Build Raw Strength

  • Release Stress

  • Raise Your Vibrations :)

  • Custom Workout Programs

  • Lose Excess Body Fat


At Authenics, our personal training entails developing a program which targets your specific goals. We rebuild your body from the ground up and give you the necessary tools to achieve your desired goals. With us, you will be dealing with first class fitness professionals who have mastered their own body and have thousands of hours of experience and knowledge to share. 

We develop a strong foundation for the body by emphasizing proper movement mechanics that will promote not only muscular function but connective tissues and joints as well. At Authenics, you will fundamentally understand how your body is suppose to position itself and work throughout exercises. All of our workouts contain progressional steps which develop your body and allow for it to become stronger.

We do not just move you from exercise to exercise to "make you feel like you worked out." Every exercise and workout will have a purpose for YOU.



30 Minute Consultation - Free

Single Session (50 min) - $150

1 Session Per Week (50 min) - Contact

2 Sessions Per Week (50 min) - Contact

3 Sessions Per Week (50 min) - Contact