Pain Free Movement

The human body is meant to move pain free! Nagging muscular injuries are always a result of muscular imbalances. You were not born to have pain in your shoulder, knees, hips, back, or wrist. "Injuries" are an excuse (for the most part). 

All these pains can be fixed by strengthening and releasing the appropriate muscles groups in a synchronized way. You want to think of your body as a puzzle and how to unravel tension by working and triggering the appropriate muscular system. 

A strong well balanced body will have the ability to move and function pain free in a great range of motion.

Range of Motion

We see a lot of new members come in and perform basic movements (squats, push ups, pull ups) with no idea what their range of motion and body positioning should be relative to THEIR anatomy. Most of these poor motor patterns have been develop from a lack of proper coaching in the past. In order to maximize your results in the gym, you have to understand your own anatomy and how it functions in different positions

At Authenics we teach, correct, and strengthen your body to maximize your results as quickly as possible. If your looking for a toned and sculpted body but are preforming squats poorly you will sadly never see the results you are looking for. Having "tight this" or "bad that" is also not an excuse. Your body can be rehabilitated with proper movement to function and move correctly like it's suppose to. 

Contact us and see for yourself! 


One of the biggest questions we get from our members is, " What do I do for nutrition?"

There are a lot of trendy diets out there filled with misinformation! Your "diet" should consist of foods you enjoy. Crazy right?! Forcing a specific diet whether it's Paleo, Keto, carb free, fat free, whatever it may be is just not sustainable. We are designed to eat carbs, fats, and proteins. These are essential macronutrients. Life is also meant to be enjoyed and food should not be a boring task. 

So what we show our clients and teach them is balance. Along with how to manage their natural hormones and nervous system. Natural hormone production and the nervous system plays a huge part in losing or gaining weight. For more information contact us !