Personalized Fitness Classes

  • Lose Excess Fat
  • Increase Mobility & Reduce Muscular Tension
  • Gain Lean Functional Muscle
  • Improve Movement Patterns to Reduce Body Pain
  • Strengthen Joints & Connective Tissues
  • Build Raw Strength
  • Release Stress

At Authenics, our fitness classes are programmed specifically to condition your body. We have combined several schools of fitness to bring you the best engineered fitness program. We utilize Calisthenics (body weight strength training), high intensity interval training, movement, and kettle bells. Our classes can be taken by anyone regardless of age or fitness condition. 

Get all of the benefits of interval training while actively strengthening your joints, connective tissues, and muscles. Every workout is tailored and scaled to individual needs whether your goal is to gain lean muscle, lose weight, tone or just simply condition your body. Our classes last 45-50 minutes.


Looking to sculpt your body? Or how about getting rid of belly fat or love handles? Whatever your goal is, your workout in the group setting will be specifically designed for your goals. That means, one person can be working on learning how to pistol squat while another can be sculpting their dream body! Authenics is for everyone! 

Our workouts maybe fun but they are intense and designed to push your body! 


$30 Introductory Class here

Monthly Membership 4 Classes/Month - $149 

Monthly Membership 8 Classes/Month- $239

Monthly Membership Unlimited Classes - $359

1 Class  - $55  

5 Classes - $250

10 Classes - $479

Class Schedule 

Monday - Friday (subject to availability) 

Mornings - 6 a.m, 7 a.m, 8 a.m, 9 a.m, 10 a.m.    

Evenings - 3 p.m, 4 p.m, 5 p.m, 6 p.m, 7 p.m 

Saturday :

9 a.m, 10 a.m, 11 a.m. 

Sunday: Closed