March Client Spotlight

Our March client of the month! Monica is continuously crushing her goals. She has lost 8 pounds, increased her mobility, and has gained incredible strength since she first started 3 months ago. Way to go! 


January Client Spotlight

Our January client of the month! Jenn came to Authenics with core, hip, and spinal imbalances due to past injuries and little strength conditioning. Not only have we fixed her imbalances but have strengthen her overall body. She is demonstrating great hip, core, and spinal integrity as she preforms a proper single leg RDL. Our goal with every client is to help them move pain free on a day to day basis while actively strengthening their body! So proud of Jenn :) 


December Client Spotlight

December client of the month! Harry came to Authenics with little upper body and core strength. He's gone from doing 0 dips to 5 with a full range of motion. He's also added 7-9 reps on his pull ups! Authenics emphasizes proper programming to progressively build strength, mobility, and aesthetics with clients of all ages! Come try us out :) 




November Client Spotlight

Our client of the month, Terrill, came to Authenics with the goal of losing weight, strengthening his body, and bettering his overall appearance. Not only has he been crushing his weight goals losing a sustainable 2 pounds a week but he has also fixed a lot of his muscular imbalances. 

His original squat much like many others had an excessive forward lean (torso shifted forwards), butt wink (round of the pelvis), and very poor ankle mobility. We have strengthened and fixed most of his imbalances in just 3 weeks and his squat is pretty close to perfect. 


We will now be focusing on the strength phase and hypertrophy to pack on some lean muscle mass! If you would like results like Terrill's, please contact us here